Acura shows up to the party with SUV-X, the luxury-brand’s first world premiere outside of North America.

There is one segment in North America in need of some pizazz – minivans. Across the Pacific, consumers get all sorts of wild choices when it comes to people haulers. On our shores we get a van with a vacuum cleaner, making MPVs suck on a whole new level.

The Concept M is more forbidden fruit by the Japanese. Designed primarily for the Chinese market, the concept will come about in a few years in production guise. If I were Honda, I’d hit this with some steroids and call it the Odyssey. However, this will probably be limited to Asian (and possibly European) markets. Boo-urns.

Honda says the Concept M will offer attributes that include “…the fun of driving.” That may be a bit of a stretch.

On the luxury stage, Acura rolled out a new concept called the SUV-X. It, too, is developed primarily for the Chinese market but will spawn a global production model in a few years, they say. Even if it doesn’t, this new Acura grille treatment is the way to go. Anything is better than the “shield of strength” they have now.

In addition to the new concepts, Honda showed their “executives lined up in suits for photo op” skills. Nobody does it better.

Press release snippets and pictures below.

Introducing the “Concept M” new-value MPV concept model

The Concept M is a concept vehicle for the MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) segment developed mainly for Chinese market. Currently, commercial vehicles account for the majority of the MPV market in China. To such an MPV market, Honda will introduce a new-value vehicle that offers the attributes of a passenger car while adding new value through the realization of a comfortable and spacious cabin space made possible by Honda’s packaging technologies, and the fun of driving. The Concept M was designed by the design studio at the Automobile R&D Center of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. in Japan. Honda is making progress in the development of a mass-production vehicle based on this concept model aiming for market introduction next year.

Acura Concept SUV-X

The Acura Concept SUV-X is a global concept vehicle for a small SUV developing primarily for the Chinese market. This is the first time for Acura to introduce the world premiere of a concept model outside of North America. Emotional and sharp styling and driving performance, together with the environmental performance of a small vehicle and excellent utility of an SUV are all fused together at a high level in this vehicle. Acura is planning to begin local production and sales in China of a mass-production model based on this concept vehicle for its market in about next three years.

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