August 15, 2006

Segway introduces new line of personal transporters

Bedford, New Hampshire – Segway has introduced its Personal Transporter (PT) i2 and x2, the newest generation of the company’s two-wheeled vehicles. The new models feature LeanSteer technology, which lets the rider turn by leaning, as well as a wireless InfoKey controller for turning the unit on and off, and which sets the speed, provides trip information and includes an anti-theft system.

The base i2 uses lithium-ion battery packs and has a range of 24 to 38 km. The x2 features all-terrain tires, stronger fenders and specially-tuned software, and has a range of up to 19 km when used off-pavement. The LeanSteer frame is adjustable and allows for the PT to fit into the trunk of many cars; the company also offers police, commuter and cargo packages for the base PT i2, while the x2 can be ordered for police, “Adventure” or golf courses.

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