August 7, 2003

Seatbelt use in rural areas lower than urban areas

Ottawa, Ontario – Results of a Transport Canada 2001 survey show the national rate of seat belt use by drivers of passenger cars, passenger vans and light trucks is 91.1 per cent.

Results of another survey recently conducted by Transport Canada show that the seat belt usage rate for drivers in rural Canada is currently at 85 per cent, while the rate for occupants is 84.5 per cent.

The survey was undertaken because of evidence indicating that the majority of motor vehicle fatalities in rural areas involve people who do not wear seatbelts.

Since 1989, the increased use of seat belts in Canada has resulted in an estimated 6,200 lives saved, 120,000 injuries avoided, and $9.6 billion in social and health costs saved.

The results of both surveys are available on-line at

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