April 29, 2005

Seat belt tickets can cause insurance rate to rise

Toronto, Ontario – During nine days of seat belt enforcement in Toronto recently, 5,300 tickets were issued by the Toronto police force. Lee Romanov, President of the Insurance Hotline, warns that seat belt tickets can dramatically affect driver’s insurance premiums in Ontario.

“Most people do not realize that seat belt convictions, and not carrying proper proof of registration, shows up on your driver abstract and has the same impact to your insurance rates as do speeding tickets. Your insurance rates will skyrocket and you will more than likely face difficulties getting insurance from standard market insurance companies and be directed in to the high risk, high rated markets. Three tickets, over a period of three years, can cause your insurance company to cancel your coverage.”

As an example, Romanov says a driver with a clean record paying $1,447 could see their rate skyrocket to as high as $6,062 for any combination of three tickets. This could include a seat belt ticket, failure to produce proper registration and a speeding ticket, regardless of points, within a period of three years.

“The fine for not producing the proper documentation is small and people often just pay it rather then going through the process of getting the ticket withdrawn. Yet the consequences are huge.”

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