Sunnyvale, California – A new navigation system that uses a tiny SD card instead of a DVD or hard drive is now available in the all-new 2011 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX. The embedded automotive navigation is provided by California-based TeleNav and works with the vehicle’s Ford Sync platform.

“Ford took Sync to the next level by adding a consumer-friendly on-board navigation system,” said H.P. Jin, president and CEO of TeleNav. “By seamlessly integrating the car with mobile services, TeleNav is creating an easy-to-use, connected drive-time search and navigation experience for drivers.”

The system, used in conjunction with the MyFord Touch screen, provides a low-cost, easily-updated option compared to CD, DVD or hard-drive-based systems, the company said. The Ford application marks TeleNav’s first automotive embedded solution. TeleNav also developed Eco-Route, an application for the system that calculates a fuel-efficient route for the driver, accessing historical and real-time traffic data, as well as speed limits and road angulations, to calculate fastest, shortest, and most eco-friendly routes. In testing, Ford said that Eco-Route can be up to 15 per cent more fuel-efficient when compared to other route options provided by MyFord Touch.

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