Toronto, Ontario – Canadian drivers will waste an estimated $722 million in fuel this year due to running on improperly-inflated tires, according to the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC). During Be Tire Smart week, which runs from May 16 to 22, 2011, drivers are encouraged to check their tire pressure to help save fuel and reduce emissions.

An under-inflated tire does not roll as smoothly or as easily as intended. The increased rolling resistance causes the vehicle to burn more fuel. The RAC estimates that the average Canadian motorist who drives 20,000 kilometres per year can save more than $100 in fuel if the tires are properly inflated. A tire that isn’t properly inflated can also lose as much as 15,000 kilometres off its service life.

“Properly inflated tires deliver the fuel efficiency and exceptional performance that tire makers want every driver to have,” said Glenn Maidment, president of RAC. “Drivers need to know that improperly inflated tires waste fuel, increase stopping distance and hamper performance by lessening vehicle stability, particularly when cornering. All it takes to get the outstanding fuel economy and performance your tires were designed to deliver is to use a reliable tire gauge each month to measure and, if necessary, adjust your tire pressures.”

To learn how to properly check tires, visit Be Tire Smart.

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