Honestly, grains of salt don’t cut it anymore

Australians: nothing they write can be believed. Especially if they still live in Australia and they’re writing about rotary-engined Mazdas.

But, hey, we’ll share the speculation with you anyway.

Motoring.com.au is making some bold claims about an engine in a car with more rumours surrounding it than a rapstar-dating celebrity who’s acting credits include a sex tape and horrible reality show.

The journos down under say the next RX-7 (if there is one), which was once thought to get a normally aspirated rotary engine (if Mazda is working on one), will now get a 450 hp (table salt) turbocharged (road salt) rotary engine (industrial rock salt).

Oh, and the kicker? It’ll be based on a modified version of the previous RX-8 platform (equipped with an IV tube to inject sodium chloride directly into your veins).

You can read more directly from the Australians since they came up with this particular movie plot all on their own.

From now on, I’m done writing about a new RX-7 until Mazda puts it in writing and delivers it by registered mail.

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