October issue states it could launch as early as 2017

Could a mid-engined C8 Corvette be in the works? Car & Driver seems to think so and they are offering up a fair amount of evidence to back up their claims.

On the Car & Driver Kinja, the magazine lays out the basics along with some interesting renders.

Instead of developing a ZR1 rendition of the current C7 Corvette, C&D posits General Motors is putting all their effort into building a mid-engined C8, dubbed Zora, that will wear the ZR1 moniker. Instead of a completely new chassis, General Motors will repurpose the C7 architecture and put a small-block V8 behind the driver and passenger.

Another major advancement would be a wider use of carbon-composites, especially for the doors.

C&D expects there to be approximately 1500 Zoras built per year at a cost of about $150,000.

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