June 15, 2005

Safety is primary concern for female drivers

Detroit, Michigan – Results of a survey by General Motors’ OnStar division shows that four in ten women feel unsafe when driving alone, and three in four said their uneasiness increased when their children were in the car. This follows a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that says that women driving to work and carpooling children have increased to the point that women are now driving more than men.

The majority of female drivers surveyed said that getting into a collision or getting lost when driving, either by themselves or with their children, was the highest area of concern, followed by “getting a flat tire” and “engine troubles”.

More than 75 per cent of female drivers surveyed said they would feel more comfortable with an on-board safety and security system in their vehicles, and 70 per cent said they would prefer to buy an OnStar-equipped vehicle. Over 65 per cent said they hoped their elderly parents would buy an OnStar-equipped vehicle, while 78 per cent hoped that their children would purchase one.

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