May 14, 2002

Safety coalition declares May 15th “Zero Collision Day”

Toronto, Ontario – Goodyear Tire Company, the Toronto Safe and Sober Driving Coalition, and police forces across the country are attempting to raise awareness about the importance of safe driving by making May 15th a collision-free day.

The coalition says that each year in the Metro Toronto area alone, over 73,000 motor vehicle collisions occur – that’s approximately 200 collisions every day. In Vancouver, over 55,000 motor vehicle collisions occur, or approximately 150 collisions every day.

From Victoria Day until Thanksgiving Day weekend – a period health and safety experts call “trauma season” – there are more collisions than any other time during the year. Experts say the increase in collisions is largely attributed to driver fatigue, driver inattention, speed and impaired driving –
all preventable situations.

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