October 30, 2007

Safe driving campaign targets Alberta oil and gas industry workers

Calgary, Alberta – Enform, the training and safety arm of the Alberta petroleum industry, has launched the second chapter of its province-wide Choose to Drive Safe campaign to educate Alberta’s oil and gas industry workers.

“When we launched the original Choose to Drive Safe campaign last year, the reaction from industry and the public was incredible,” says Murray Sunstrum, Vice President of Safety at Enform. “Driving is the single leading cause of death in the Canadian oil and gas industry, and people were relieved to see a campaign address this serious issue and reinforce the fact that the choice to drive safe should be first and foremost for drivers.”

Enform will utilize a variety of mediums to get the message out during its campaign, including advertisements in newspapers, television, radio, billboards and theatre screens. The campaign is funded by the oil and gas industry through the six constituent associations who own and direct Enform. For more information on the campaign, visit Enform.ca.

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