Ottawa, Ontario – Canadian recreational vehicle (RV) dealers are advising Canadians that while many believe they can save money by buying goods in the U.S., it may be more expensive and troublesome to buy from a dealer outside of Canada.

The dealers said that the strength of the Canadian dollar over many months has enabled them to have more buying power when purchasing from manufacturers, and can often offer the same prices as U.S. dealers can.

“It’s a myth that everything is cheaper in the U.S.,” said Catherine Fortin LeFaivre of Go RVing Canada. “And in fact, when considering all of the hassle and the costs associated with bringing a vehicle across the border, most Canadians are better off purchasing their RV at their local Canadian RV dealership.”

Factors with U.S. purchases include brokerage and duty fees, travel costs, any exchange rate between the currencies, lengthy vehicle importation paperwork required by Canada Border Agency and Transport Canada, temporary licensing requirements to bring the vehicle home, the unavailability of financing at some U.S. dealerships, insurance and registration complications, and the cost and work of converting an RV to comply with numerous Canadian standards, which differ from U.S. standards, within a limited time period.

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