The Volkswagen Bus is dead. Long live the Volkswagen Bus!

It seems Volkswagen may be looking to expand the Beetle beyond just a single body style, with some variants based on old ideas being batted about in Germany.

According to AutoBild, three new vehicles are on the docket to be based on the next-generation Beetle: a van, a coupe, and an offroad-ish model like the Beetle Dune concept.

The next-gen Bug will be underpinned by Volkswagen’s new modular MQB platform, giving the automaker much more flexibility in creating new models to fit the ever-growing number of smaller niches in the marketplace.

Volkswagen recently killed the Kombi in Brazil, its last country of production, and a van variant of the Beetle could bring back the familiar shape, possibly based on the 2012 Bulli concept.

A coupe model could bring some serious performance to the Beetle line, with the rumour stating the car could have as much as 300 hp.

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