Rumour says $15,000 surcharge per Viper sale went to motorsport program

First and foremost, let’s put this solidly in the realm of Salt Truck worthy rumours and speculation.

According to a contributor to Allpar, the reason why the SRT Motorsport program was cut may have been due to a surcharge put on all Vipers.

“When Tim Kuniskis took over Viper from the SRT brand, his people went through the entire Viper program. He saw a surcharge of $15,000 per car on the production Viper to fund the racing program. Reducing the price of the Viper by $15,000 would help overall sales of the vehicle while still keeping it profitable. The Dodge team then proposed that SRT Motorsports find sponsors to pay for the racing operation,” says the posting on Allpar.

SRT Motorsports is said to have foregone finding sponsors or securing ones that were handed to them, thinking that winning a championship would secure the program for a second year. Instead, Tim Kuniskis “held to his word” and axed the program.

For 2015, Chrysler dropped the price of their halo sportscar by $15,000 with the introduction of the Viper GT.

(L) 2013 SRT Viper GTS-R and (R) 2013 SRT Viper GTS

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