Rumour suggests a major update coming to N.A.-spec Honda Civic

While the Euro-spec Honda Civic Type-R is not destined to come to our shores, some of its primary components — in particular, the 2.0L engine producing approximately 320 hp — may end up in the N.A.-spec Civic spawning a new model above the current Civic Si.

According to MotoryRacing (via Motor Authority), a source close to Honda stated the North American Civic is due for a major update in the near-term that could include putting the turbocharged 2.0L Type-R motor in the lineup. The rumour also hints at a spring reveal for the 2016 model year.

That timeline seem a bit tight.

Another rumour puts the same engine in the CR-Z, a model that’s seen minimal updates since its introduction almost five years ago.

Whether its wrapped in a Civic or CR-Z shell, the Type-R motor would be a welcomed addition to the Honda lineup as other automakers crank out hotter hatchbacks in North America. Ford just confirmed the next-generation Focus RS will be coming to our shores for the first time while Volkswagen is likely to bring the next Golf R here as well.

Honda Civic Type-R Concept

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