Other option includes 250 hp version of Kia’s popular upright hatchback

The Kia Soul has been a outright success for the Korean automaker. Now into its second generation, the two-box four-door Soul commands the fourth spot in sales (for February) in Kia’s Canadian lineup (behind the Rio, Forte, and Sportage). However, two of the models that sell better than the Soul also come in multiple body styles, while the Soul does not.

That could change in the near future if a report from Car and Driver proves to be true.

According to the magazine, Kia is currently evaluating adding a variant to the Soul lineup, though there seems to be some uncertainty on the form of the secondary model.

Two current possibilities have basis in the 2012 Track’ster concept. One is a two-door version of the Soul like the concept, while the other would see the use of a 250 hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine to compete in the hot hatch market. Or, should we get our wishes, it could be both.

Regardless, Kia could surely benefit from expanding the offering, especially in the US where the Soul is even higher up the sales ladder in second versus its Kia brethren.

There has been some news in the past running counter to this rumour. Previously, it was stated due to the popularity of the Soul on its own and Kia’s lack of capacity, a derivative wasn’t in the cards.

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