The two executives have been butting heads recently

According to multiple outlets, the sometimes outspoken chairman of Ferrari may be forced to exit stage left. However, if true, it probably won’t be until after October.

Luca di Montezemolo was in damage control mode during the Italian Grand Prix at Monza this past weekend. That didn’t stop him from shooting off a couple of choice quotes around smaller groups.

“Ferrari is now American,” Montezemolo said, according to Corriere della Sera newspaper, adding later, “the end of an era.”

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Sergio Marchionne has been critical of the 67-year-old chairman as of late. The head of Fiat is likely to take over the Italian supercar brand if Montezemolo is forced out.

AutoBlog seems to think if there is shake-up at Ferrari, it will happen after October, as Montezemolo has hinted some high profile events will occur later in the year. The first is the Paris Motor Show where Ferrari is expected to reveal a variant of the 458 Italia. Another event is scheduled in California where Ferrari will show a new limited edition model.

Montezemolo has been running the Prancing Horse marque since 1991.


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