Nothing is confirmed in the engine department for the brand new Cherokee SRT, but bet on it having all-wheel drive and a helluva lot of power.

The ‘everything Mopar’ folks over at Allpar are reporting Chrysler is ramping up work on a new Cherokee SRT, though there is nothing definitive on the engine front. What is known is the high-po Jeep will have all-wheel drive and a nine-speed transmission, which is barely news.

As far as powerplant, there are a few possible options: a Maserati twin-turbo 3.0L V6 with over 400 hp (though this option will probably be deemed too expensive), Chrysler’s 3.0L Pentastar with one or two snails pushing either 375 hp or 410 hp, or a blown 2.4L 4-cylinder with 300 hp. The last option might encroach on a possible Dart SRT and not have enough power to set it apart from the standard V6.

[Source: Allpar]

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