New car to ride on stretched version of F-Type platform

Before I even mention anything about this rumour, let’s file it under “massive grain of road salt”. That said, let the speculation begin!

Auto Express, Britain’s automotive version of the National Enquirer, has “revealed” the outgoing XK will be replaced by a new XJ Coupe. And while that in and of itself is fairly believable, how Jaguar will supposedly get there is surely worth some scrutiny.

AE believes it’ll be based on the F-Type. Well, a stretched version of the F-Type.

While the XK replacement will surely be in need of coupe and convertible flavours, which the F-Type can certainly provide, this feels out of left field as the F-Type is certainly nothing close to a GT car.

Take it for what it’s worth. Regardless, it’s expected to arrive sometime in 2017.

[Source: Auto Express]

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