Could a new RX-7 be in the works? And, if so, could this be its new face?

Rumours always seem to swirl on a regular basis regarding the return of a rotary powered sports car for Mazda. RX-7, the most iconic rotary car under the Mazda banner, could make a comeback. This could possibly be it.

We should emphasize the possibly a lot more. The image above is taken from a Japanese car magazine and, if history is any indicator, they aren’t very good at predicting the future. However unlikely it might be to see a successor to the cancelled RX-8, it’s nice to dream about the return of a Wankel engine to Mazda’s portfolio.

Adding to the ridiculousness of it all, the article states it will have hydrogen capability. That’s very pie in the sky stuff.

Expect the next RX-7 to go on sale way later than any of us would hope and not look anything like the image above.

[Source: Car Throttle]

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