Ever since Sylvester Stallone’s horrible CART fictionalization “Driven”, we’ve all been craving a proper open-wheel racing film. Well, now you can thank Ron Howard for bringing one of the best Formula 1 rivalries to the big screen.

This is the first trailer for the movie “Rush” which focuses on the 1976 crash of Niki Lauda and his subsequent speedy return behind the wheel to challenge James Hunt for the championship.

It’s a pretty star studded cast, with Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”) portraying womanizer James Hunt, and Daniel Brühl (who you may know for playing Fredrick Zoller in “Inglorious Basterds”) as the one-track-mind Niki Lauda.

The flick will be hitting screens in September. Until then, enjoy some trailer goodness featuring the Ferrari 312T and McLaren M23/M26.

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