October 17, 2006

Rolls-Royce aims for 75 per cent recycling

Goodwood, England – Rolls-Royce has set a new target to recycle 75 per cent of all waste materials generated at its production facilities by the end of 2007. A new dedicated waste management centre has been set up at the manufacturing plant and head office to recycle all types of waste materials.

Currently, over 60 per cent of all waste items are recycled. Parts are delivered packaged in recyclable containers, which are returned for reuse; leather off-cuts are sold to buyers for use in other industries, such as the fashion industry; remnants from the wood shop are used by manufacturers of wooden products; and landscape debris and weeds cleared from the grounds’ lake are composted for use on the Goodwood Estate organic farm.

“Efficient and responsible waste management is a key part of our commitment to protecting the environment,” says Ian Robertson, Chairman and Chief Executive of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “We cannot ignore or escape the environmental impact of waste materials, from simple items, like paper and cardboard, to more complex materials like paint and oil, and everyone here is encouraged to reduce or recycle waste.”

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