Quebec City, Quebec – Many road markings in Quebec are of poor quality, ranging from non-existent stop lines to almost completely faded centre lines, according to CAA-Quebec.

To help improve the situation, CAA-Quebec is asking the public to report any road marking problem on its Road Problem Watch site. Problems recorded there will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities, the association said.

Throughout August, CAA-Quebec observed the general condition of road markings in selected cities and on roads under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport (MTQ), taking into consideration the dangers posed to all road users by deficient markings. The association found a “set of situations that create confusion among drivers which, obviously, heightens the risk of accidents.”

The issues observed included the frequent lack of vehicle stop lines on arteries with both light and heavy traffic flows, a situation observed over the entire territory surveyed. “The stop line is there to tell drivers to bring their vehicle to a complete halt in a precise location at an intersection so that other users can continue on their way without having to change direction,” said Sophie Gagnon, assistant vice-president of CAA-Quebec’s public and government relations. “This location also leaves the lines of sight clear for users who want to turn right at that intersection, for example. Without this important visual marker, ensuring safe travel for all becomes more difficult.”

Also noted were the absence of broken white lines delimiting the lanes on a one-way roadway, a complete lack of bikeway markings on the ground although a nearby sign clearly indicated the presence of a bicycle path, missing yellow centre lines and other irregularities. The organization paid particular attention to pavement markings delineating pedestrian crosswalks, which in many cases were found to be partially worn away or even entirely absent.

“In three cases of fatal accidents recorded in 2002, 2007 and 2008, the investigating coroner recommended that the competent authorities pay particular attention to road markings in the areas involved,” Gagnon said. “In at least one of those cases, a death could have been avoided had the proper markings been there. This is why CAA-Quebec believes that greater vigilance when it comes to road marking operations is required on the part of municipalities as well as the MTQ, for the sake of the safety of every road user in Quebec.”

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