Wayne, New Jersey – In conjunction with National Car Care month and Earth Week, Castrol and Earth911.com are reminding motorists that car owners who perform their own oil changes must properly dispose of the used oil, preferably for recycling. One oil change, improperly disposed and not recycled, can contaminate one million gallons of fresh water.

“Many times it is a lack of information that prevents people from acting responsibly,” said Derrick Mains, Vice President of Energy Reclamation Initiatives with Earth911.com. “Earth911.com and Castrol hope to help inform the public about the issue of improperly disposing used motor oil and give those that change their own oil the resources to take the necessary steps toward safe recycling.”

Castrol said that a majority of automotive shops and quick lube retailers will take used motor oil if it is in a proper container, such as a sealable approved oil drip pan or a motor oil bottle.

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