September 11, 2007

Report says demand for electric parking brakes will grow

Electric parking brake switch in a 2007 Audi A6
Electric parking brake switch in a 2007 Audi A6. Click image to enlarge

Boston, Massachusetts – A new report by Strategy Analytics Automotive Electronics says that demand for electric parking brakes (EPB) will accelerate, following a slow debut in the marketplace. The company says that the use of an EPB in the Hyundai Genesis concept car at the New York Auto Show, one of the first Asian cars fitted with such a device, is a sign that EPB will grow beyond its European heartland. The system replaces the manually-cranked parking brake.

The company says that EPB suppliers, such as Continental and Siemens VDO, “have listened to the demands of carmakers in order to make EPB more affordable and enable installation in lower segment models.” Demand for EPB is expected to accelerate beyond 10 million units per year in 2014, due to potential cost savings in system integration and fewer components, and high standards of comfort and improved cabin design without the need for a traditional handbrake lever.

The report says that vendors are also hoping that EPB will be recognized as a safety feature, and says that “the U.S. Congress is discussing the need for mandatory EPB installment in all vehicles as a way to avoid roll-away accidents.”

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