AutoBlog finds the limited run 1 Series M Coupe has appreciated over the years

While checking out the Dinan tuned S3-R last week, AutoBlog pegged the cost of a used 1 Series M (in which the Dinan is based) at $50,000. But, it wasn’t long before some commenters found issues with that number.

According to their own research looking into US-based classifieds for used examples, the website found an average asking price of $61,670 for the 1 Series M, which was only sold for one year and only 740 units were imported. When new, the car had a base price of $46,135.

Checking, it seems the same is true in Canada. A very low mileage example, with 1,900 km on the clock, is listed with a price of $76,078. However, even with some mileage, none of the examples listed are posted with a price at or below the original $53,600 MSRP when new in 2011.

While options can certainly have an effect on pricing, so does rarity, as only 220 units were imported in Canada.

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