July 14, 2003

Replica of 1932 Ford Deuce to be offered in 2004

Columbus, Ohio – ASC Incorporated, a specialty-vehicle development partner for automotive manufacturers, and Hot Rods & Horsepower, a manufacturer and marketer of steel bodies and components for the street-rod industry, jointly unveiled a running prototype of a modern- convertible-top, all-steel replica of the legendary 1932 Ford “Deuce”.

ASC 1932 Ford Deuce

ASC 1932 Ford Deuce

ASC 1932 Ford Deuce

ASC 1932 Ford Deuce

ASC 1932 Ford Deuce
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The modern-day interpretation of a classic, to be called the Dearborn Deuce Convertible, was jointly developed for Hot Rods & Horsepower, and will be available to the public in June 2004.

The unveiling of the Pearlescent Orange prototype with a black top took place at the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association’s Nationals show, which is expected to attract more than 75,000 auto enthusiasts to the Ohio State Fairgrounds over the weekend.

“ASC is proud to be partnering with Hot Rods & Horsepower in bringing this game-changing niche vehicle to market,” said Paul Wilbur, chief executive officer of ASC. “Anyone who knows anything at all about hot rods, or has listened to even a few Beach Boys songs, knows all about the seminal importance of the ‘Deuce’ in rodding culture. Yet, until now, virtually all of the Deuce rebuilds and replicas out there have suffered from the ‘What-if- I-take-off-my-removable-hard-top-and-then-it-rains?’ dilemma, plus the lack of real side windows or leg room for anyone taller than the average person back in ’32. This vehicle addresses all those issues in a thoroughly modern design that is at the same time painstakingly true to the classic original.”

The centerpiece of the design is a folding soft top that fully disappears under a flip-up “tulip-lid” body panel affording the comfort of a true convertible. The thoroughly modern top also comes up just as easily, in case of inclement weather or for coupe-style cruising. This design also features power side windows, thanks to a clever redesign of the “A” pillars that allows for fully functional side glass while still retaining the slick, classic look of a curved windshield and curved roadster-style doors.

Meanwhile, the doors themselves have been lengthened three-and-a-half inches versus the original Deuce, allowing for much easier ingress and egress, while the front seats have been repositioned back two inches, allowing for many a knee to be finally stretched out in true comfort. Completing the basic package is a highly reinforced 1×3-inch X-member frame, a flat metal floor, a recessed firewall and a full-metal dashboard and overlapping curved cowl that flow seamlessly into the curved doors.

“This new Dearborn Deuce Convertible will be a fantastic complement to Hot Rods & Horsepower’s recently introduced three-window Dearborn Deuce Coupe,” said Craig Knight, Co-Principal of Hot Rods & Horsepower. “It’s a very practical, 21st Century version of a 1930s classic. And we will be manufacturing the car, with continuing technical assistance from ASC, employing 21st Century technologies as well. From the special support systems designed to provide exceptional torsional rigidity, to ‘white-light-scan’ CAD surfacing allowing for ultra-precise fabricating, this car will be one that fits the more sophisticated needs of today’s owner, builder or someone just thinking about getting into rodding for the first time. This car allows either the novice or veteran to step up into a whole new level of rodding, at a cost no higher than that associated with lower levels of the sport.”

Fully assembled, fully upgradeable bodies with the convertible-top mechanisms will be priced between U.S.$18,500 and $20,000, it was announced.

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