Burnaby, British Columbia – An agreement between auto manufacturers and independent repair facilities to provide vehicle information was implemented on target on May 1, 2010, following its signing in September 2009. The Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard (CASIS) is designed to provide independent automotive service and repair providers access to service information, diagnostic tools and training information similar to that provided to the manufacturers’ authorized dealers.

The CASIS agreement was signed between the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada, the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association and the National Automotive Trade Association. Unanimous support of parliamentarians for the CASIS in place of legislation in November 2009 paved the way to a quicker and more flexible approach to meeting the requirements of the aftermarket service and repair industry across Canada.

Prior to the signing of the CASIS, roughly 50 per cent of Canada’s automotive manufacturers and distributors (by market share) provided the automotive aftermarket with this service and repair information. Since the signing, several additional auto manufacturers began providing the information ahead of the May deadline.

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