Toronto, Ontario – The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association is asking Ontario’s political parties to endorse an industry-led initiative for an environmental management system to recycle end-of-life vehicles (ELV) in Ontario.

The proposed standards would bring common environmental standards to the ELV recycling sector while ensuring that automotive consumers do not face the burden of any new recycling fees.

The environmental management system, if implemented, would be a North American first for standardizing automotive recycling operations. Two out of three end-of-life vehicles generated in Ontario annually are not managed to any environmental standard, the association said, and that the system would ensure the safe and responsible environmental management of approximately 500,000 vehicles that require environmental decommissioning in Ontario each year.

The objectives of the standard are to protect Ontario lands and waterways from discharges of hazardous and toxic substances; reduce scrapyard fires; increase reuse and recycling of automobile components and materials; create ‘green’ jobs in the automotive recycling sector; reduce fraudulent swapping of vehicle identification numbers by properly retiring them once a vehicle is recycled; give manufacturers access to a regulated system if they choose to establish their own vehicle retirement programs; and avoid consumer eco-fees on automobiles.

The proposed system will require all businesses engaged in the recycling of ELVs in Ontario to be licensed, and as a condition of licensing, to adhere to a common vehicle decommissioning standard prior to any vehicle being recycled for its parts or metal value.

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