February 13, 2007

Recalls issued for Civic Hybrid, Freelander

Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada has issued its latest recalls, which may affect some Honda Civic Hybrid and Land Rover vehicles.

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid
Vehicles affected: 1,789

Certain parts of the integrated motor assist (IMA) system are located under a metal cover behind the rear seatback. Over time, the weight of rear seat occupants may cause the metal cover to come into contact with a rubber cap covering an electrical terminal; the rubber cap may get pinched, exposing the electrical terminal. The exposed terminal may come into contact with the metal cover, which could result in an electrical short that may blow the IMA fuse, causing the engine to stall. Dealers will install a plastic cover over the rubber cap.

2002-2005 Land Rover Freelander
Vehicles affected: 3,005

On certain vehicles, the brake lamp switch may become maladjusted as a result of incorrect setting procedure during vehicle assembly, or as a result of switch mounting bracket flex. A maladjusted switch may allow the contacts to remain permanently connected as the switch has reached the extent of its travel, which may result in permanent illumination of the brake lamps. Dealers will inspect and, where required, adjust and/or replace the brake lamp switch.

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