Toronto, Ontario – Toyota Canada has been named a new partner of Quebec’s Clear the Air! recycling program for older, high-polluting vehicles.

Those who dispose of an old clunker through Clear the Air! can receive a cash discount of up to $1,500 on the purchase of a brand-new Toyota vehicle or a pre-owned Toyota vehicle up to four years old that has been certified for low pollutant emissions. Owners of old vehicles in Quebec are also invited to have their cars inspected free of charge at the Quebec Toyota dealership of their choice.

“We are really happy that Toyota is joining the program to offer an incentive that is sure to please drivers,” said André Bélisle, president of the Association Québécoise de lutte control la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA). “It wonderfully completes the range of rewards offered. Up to now, we did not offer any incentive for the purchase of more energy-efficient vehicles, but today, participants can take advantage of cash discounts. Drivers who replace their vehicles will be given concrete encouragement to choose more energy-efficient vehicles.”

The cash discounts can be combined with other current promotions at Toyota dealers. If the replacement vehicle is eligible for credits offered by the Quebec government for the purchase of a hybrid or electric vehicle, these credits also apply. For more information, visit Clear the Air!

Starting now and running until September 30, owners of vehicles 1997 and older are welcome to have their cars inspected free of charge at one of Toyota’s 68 Quebec dealerships. Eligible motorists must make an appointment with the dealer. “The free inspection offered at Quebec Toyota dealerships is an essential way to meet motorists’ needs by helping them to understand their vehicle’s condition,” said Jean-Pierre Gagnon, Toyota Regional Manager in Quebec. “We are convinced that the pollution emitted by older, high-polluting vehicles is increasingly a factor influencing the decision where or not to trade in a vehicle.”

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