Montreal, Quebec – A regular driver’s license is all that is needed to operate a three-wheeled T-REX vehicle in Quebec, under new legislation implemented by the province’s motor vehicle bureau. The new ruling eliminates the previous requirement for a motorcycle license for the Quebec-built vehicle.

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, or SAAQ, now allows Class 5 passenger vehicle license holders to drive the T-REX. However, owners will still have to register the vehicle as a motorcycle, and driver and passenger must wear a helmet.

“We’ve been facing many unreasonable hurdles for quite some time now, some of which have deterred customers from buying our products,” said David Neault, Chief Operating Officer of T-REX. “A good number of T-REX fans were put off by the long, drawn-out process of obtaining a motorcycle license, while others objected to the idea of having to learn to ride a motorcycle to pass the road test. We trust that the SAAQ’s initiative will pave the way for other provinces to modify their laws, so that we can offer this exciting vehicle to a greater number of sports car enthusiasts.”

Neault said that the T-REX is approved by Transport Canada, but cannot be registered in some provinces, including Ontario and Alberta. “The SAAQ’s position clearly indicates that it considers T-REX to be more like a sports car than a motorcycle,” he said.

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