July 20, 2007

Quebec motorists “paying too much” for gasoline – CAA-Quebec

Quebec, Quebec – Retailers are reaping record-level profit margins on every litre of gasoline sold, says CAA-Quebec, which has been observing a decrease in gasoline cost indicators over the past days. The auto club says that motorists right across Quebec are paying too much for gasoline; after the James Bay area, the highest pump prices are being paid in and around Quebec City.

“The situation is totally unacceptable,” says Sophie Gagnon, director of public and government relations for CAA-Quebec. “And this is unfortunately not the first time that we have had to speak out, except this time, profit margins are setting records. Even in Montreal, at 6.3 cents per litre, the retail margin is higher than usual. The average retail margin for the past 52 weeks in the province of Quebec was 4.4 cents per litre. Claude B

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