November 2, 2004

Quebec journalist wins 2004 Automotive Journalist of the Year award

Belleville, Ontario – At an event gathering a group of Canada’s leading automotive journalists, Jaguar Canada recently presented the Automotive Journalist Association of Canada (AJAC) Automotive Journalist of the Year Award to La Presse journalist, Nadine Filion.

A variety of submissions are considered for this award including feature story, car review, general editorial opinion, with personal style and mastery of the subject taken into account.

Filion, being reasonably new to the field with four years experience, is a first-time winner and notably, the first woman to win. The panel of three judges with extensive journalism backgrounds was impressed with the thoroughness of her research and noted that her work is further characterized by a flowing, elegant prose.

“She set out to be taken seriously as an auto journalist and mission accomplished,” said Lindsay Crysler, a five-year veteran of the judging panel. “Nadine stands out by bringing her considerable reporter’s skills to a variety of topics of wide appeal, which allows her to write for many very different publications and hence reach a broad public.”

First runner-up in the Journalist of the Year competition, Gerry Malloy, a past winner and writer for the Toronto Star, was cited as presenting a good variety of well-researched, thorough articles, which were written with authority and were uniformly easy to read.

Second runner-up was awarded to Robert Bostelaar of the Ottawa Citizen for making the automotive theme interesting to all, not just gearheads and car devotees. The judging panel noted, “his use of humour and his knack for finding genuine characters in his stories say a lot about his style. Robert let the story tell itself, with all the ups, downs and humour of real life.”

“Sponsoring this award has been a long-standing tradition for Jaguar Canada,” said Vic Bernardini, president of Aston Martin Jaguar Land Rover Canada. “We’re proud to be the sponsor of the most coveted automotive journalism award in Canada and to honour a group of such hard-working, talented individuals.”

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