Gatineau, Quebec – The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is reminding Quebec motorists to carry a copy of the Joint Report in their cars, and use it in case of an automobile collision where there is no injury.

IBC has joined forces with the Gatineau police department (SPVG); officers will be out distributing copies to the public on November 17 and 18. The Joint Report has been available since 1979.

“When you have a Joint Report, you don’t need to call the police for a simple fender-bender,” said Jack Chadirdjian, public affairs director for IBC. “The Joint Report is a simple tool that you can complete easily if you’re involved in a collision in which no one is injured. It allows the parties involved to identify themselves and to report the accident to their respective insurer as quickly as possible.”

In a recent poll, 67 per cent of drivers said they were familiar with the Joint Report, but it is not used very much outside of Montreal and Quebec City.

“Our figures show that our officers go to the scene of accidents with only material damage in more than eight out of ten cases,” said Isabelle Poirier, of SPVG’s public affairs. “The Gatineau police force encourages drivers to use the Joint Report, so that we can allocate our resources more effectively where they are needed the most.”

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