Aurora, Ontario – People attending the annual auto show in Quebec City are older and more likely to actually buy a vehicle than those attending the Montreal Auto Show, according to new research by Zone Marketing Group.

“We have been gathering consumer information at auto shows in Canada for the last five years, and it’s clear that not all consumers are created equal,” said Dennis Pitselis, president of Zone Marketing Group. “Age and gender have always played a key role, but we’re seeing important differences between consumer intent and behaviour between cities.”

Almost 50 per cent of all consumers who go to an auto show in Canada intend to make a new vehicle purchase within the year, and over 30 per cent intend to buy within six months of the show. Both of the Quebec auto shows trend higher than the national average of 50 per cent, but 54 per cent of consumers at the Quebec City show indicate that they plan to purchase a vehicle within a year of the show.

The Montreal show draws a proportionately younger audience than the Quebec City show, with 40 per cent of Montreal attendees 30 years of age and under. In Quebec City, only 30 per cent are under 30, and 56 per cent are over 40.

Attendees also differ in their feature preference. Over 19 per cent of consumers in Quebec City indicate that fuel economy is their number-one priority, while only 16 per cent in Montreal indicated it. Montreal buyers also want vehicle performance, with 15 per cent saying it is most important, higher than both Quebec City and the national average. Reliability scores also are more important than the vehicle’s safety. Buyers in Quebec City are more likely to choose compact cars and small SUVs, while Montrealers have more interest in specialty vehicles such as sports cars and pickup trucks. As with most Canadian consumers, hybrid or electric vehicles do not generate much interest.

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