August 22, 2005

Quebec campaign aims to discredit organized drinking contests

Montreal, Quebec – Educ’alcool is launching a new campaign against drinking games throughout Québec’s Cégeps and universities. The organization ran its first back-to-school campaign last year to raise awareness among young people of the dangers of “chugging” alcohol. This time, it’s targeting the people who organize and participate in drinking contests in order to discredit this type of competition.

The theme of this “social norms” campaign is “The biggest moron gets the gold.” It shows drinking games for what they really are and reminds people that a vast majority of young students drink moderately and responsibly. The campaign aims to single out the minority, reverse peer pressure to encourage students to speak up against and stop pretending to approve of drinking competitions, and even convince organizers and competitors to call their competitions off.

Educ’alcool has asked Québec’s universities and colleges to run a mass
poster campaign on campuses and distribute the campaign leaflet Drinking games can be deadly to students, and they’ve agreed. This informational leaflet explains the nature of drinking games and the
dangers it poses to those who drink to progressively greater levels of
intoxication. It also raises awareness and understanding of blood alcohol concentrations and gives pointers on how to resist peer pressure and what to do when people are planning or playing a drinking game. Lastly, it lists actions to take in the case of intoxication.

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