Montreal, Quebec – A new public transit system, developed and built in Quebec, will be gradually deployed in the province starting next June. Called SIGTIA (Système Intégré de Gestion en Transport Intelligent pour Autobus), it is a unique, self-sufficient electronic vending and fare collection system with integrated advanced functions of intelligent transportation.

The system will be deployed over the territories of the Les Moulins, L’Assomption, Joliette-Métro MRCs, and those of the Lanaudière Regional Transit Board, along with the Vallée-du-Richelieu and Sud-Ouest Intermunicipal Transit Boards.

“I am extremely proud to introduce this particular state-of-the-art product, featuring many advantages both for public transit agencies and passengers/users in terms of transportation quality, safety and efficiency,” said Cyril Robitaille, president of ITSMAX Solutions, the creator of SIGTIA.

The system includes such functions as electronic fare collection, fare adjustment by zone, automatic count of passengers as they enter and leave, cabin climate control, display screens for information or advertising, and an emergency safety system.

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