Toronto, Ontario – Quaker State has announced its newest product, Quaker State Defy, intended for higher-mileage vehicles and flat-tappet cam issues.

The new oil contains a high level of ZDDP, an anti-wear additive commonly known as zinc.

“We as an industry have seen the levels of zinc in motor oil consistently reduced in each successive gasoline engine specification implemented by (the International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee) in the past few years,” said Jeff Hsu, Quaker State technology specialist. “This reduction of zinc is fine for drivers of newer vehicles, but is leaving classic car owners, enthusiasts and those with flat-tappet cams and followers with fewer and fewer options in the motor oil category.”

The new oil prevents up to 98 per cent of future wear in higher-mileage engines, the company said, and includes additional seal swell additives that recondition dried-up seals and help to control leaks. The new oil will go on sale in Canada next spring.

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