May 7, 2007

Provincial and federal governments to share Newfoundland and Labrador highway rehabilitation

Ottawa, Ontario – The federal and provincial governments have agreed to share equally the $48 million cost of highway rehabilitation and restoration along Route 1 of the Trans-Canada Highway in Newfoundland and Labrador. The project consists of 21 highway and bridge rehabilitation and reconstruction components along the route.

The highway supports tourism and trade, and represents a vital link for the transportation of billions of dollars in economic activity, both to and from the province. It is the only major link for surface transportation between Port aux Basques, in the western part of Newfoundland, and St. John’s, in the Avalon Peninsula.

The project started in August, 2005 and is scheduled for completion by March 31, 2008. Key components include replacement of Junction Brook Bridge, Flat Bay Brook Bridge and River Brook Bridge; completion of a diamond interchange at Little Rapids; and repairs to a retaining wall at Shellbird Island. Six bridges will also be rehabilitated, along with ten sections of the Trans-Canada Highway, totalling approximately 211 km.

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