Ottawa, Ontario – A new proposal has been introduced that would strengthen Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Act. The proposal, the Proactive Enforcement and Defect Accountability Legislation (PEDAL) Act, was introduced by Joe Volpe, Member of Parliament for Eglinton-Lawrence and the Official Opposition Transport Critic, in direct response to what he said are legislative shortcomings resulting in the consequences from the Toyota recall.

“The PEDAL Act will provide the Minister of Transport and his department with the information, the tools and the legislative authority needed to protect Canadians,” Volpe said. “The current legislation leaves consumers at the whim of automotive manufacturers. Moreover, there are few enforcement measures available to the Minister and Department of Transport to track defects and to take action in respect of manufacturers.”

The act would mandate four major changes to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act:

– Clarify the definition of a safety-related defect

– Provide new powers to the Minister to initiate a recall of vehicles and equipment if the Minister makes a preliminary determination that a vehicle or equipment contains a safety-related defect

– Initiate an early warning detection system that requires manufacturers to provide the Minister with quarterly reports, containing domestic and foreign data relating to potential safety-related defects

– Compel the installation of a brake override system on vehicles that use an electronic throttle control

“Public safety is a non-partisan issue,” Volpe said. “Canada needs this legislation which will protect Canadian drivers.”

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