May 14, 2002

Production of new Honda Pilot begins in Alliston, Ontario

Alliston, Ontario – Production of the new Honda Pilot SUV began at Honda of Canada Manufacturing plant in Alliston, Ontario on Monday. This marks the third time that HCM has been the lead plant in launching products that are totally new for Honda. Honda’s flexible “New Manufacturing System” allows three vehicles to built on the same assembly line: the Honda Odyssey, the new Honda Pilot and the Acura MDX.

Mr. Koichi Amemiya, Executive Vice President and Representative Director of the Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Chief Operating Officer of North America noted that “Today represents another step in Honda’s continuing commitment to North America, and in particular, to Canada. Our investment in Canada now exceeds 1.7 Billion Dollars, our direct employment is over 4200 associates and we are assisted in our parts supply by more than 50 Canadian suppliers”. “The launch of the Honda Pilot will further strengthen our light truck line-up and fulfill the growing needs of our customers” said Amemiya.

“Honda of Canada Mfg. has led the way in launching products that have successfully established Honda in the light truck market. Three new products since 1999 is a strong reflection on the commitment of Honda to Canada and reflects our confidence in Canadian society and all our Canadian associates and the Canadian based suppliers” stated Amemiya.

The Alliston facilities have a capacity of 360,000 units, which represents over one third of Honda’s total North American capacity of 115 million units. The 4200 Canadian employees produce the all new Honda Pilot, the Honda Odyssey, the Acura MDX, the Acura 1.7 EL as well as Canada’s best selling
passenger car – the Honda Civic.

Honda began operations in Canada in 1969, with automobile manufacturing starting in 1986.

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