Johnstown, Ontario – Canadian biofuel company GreenField Ethanol has announced that it has begun producing ethanol at its new plant in Eastern Ontario. The company began grinding corn on December 3rd and one week later had reached its full production capacity of 200 million litres.

The first ethanol shipment was delivered to Imperial Oil. The plant is also now shipping dried distillers’ grain (DDG)  to customers, a high-protein animal feed that is a byproduct of ethanol production.

“This new ethanol plant couldn’t have come at a better time, as Canadians face economic uncertainty and the threat of global warming,” said Robert Gallant, president and CEO of GreenField. “Our Johnstown facility brings this community 46 permanent full-time jobs, an average of 352 construction jobs, and a new market for local corn farmers. What’s more, it will stimulate the local economy and reduce ozone-depleting greenhouse gases by 370,000 tonnes per year, the equivalent of taking 46,000 cars off the road each year.”

The plant will require 20 million bushels of corn per year; about one-third of that will be returned to the farmer as DDG for feed. The company offers local farmers the opportunity to sell their corn directly to the factory, which has received 20,000 metric tonnes of local corn to date.

GreenField currently produces 550 million litres of ethanol a year at its Ontario plants in Johnstown, Chatham and Tiverton, and at one in Varennes, Quebec, while another is in development in Hensall, Ontario.

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