Prince George, British Columbia – Ospika Boulevard South in Prince George has been named the “Worst Road” in British Columbia in a survey by the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA).

The first-ever survey asked British Columbians to nominate the roads most in need of repair or improvement; 651 separate roads were nominated. Ospika Blvd. South garnered 552 votes, or 14 per cent of the total cast in the survey.

“By voting in our first-ever ‘Worst Roads’ survey, B.C. drivers have given BCAA the information and mandate to advocate for road improvements in communities throughout the province,” said Tim Condon, president and CEO of BCAA. “We’re pleased to see communities like Prince George ‘get the vote out’ in the hopes that their efforts will be rewarded with better and safer roads.”

Prince George had three entries in the top twenty, but according to the city, two are slated for improvements this year and next, and the third, North Nechako, is on the city’s five-year plan.

The 20 worst roads in the province, as voted on by 3,997 respondents, are:

Ospika Blvd. South, Prince George – Damaged pavement

Enderby-Mabel Lake Road, Enderby – Damaged pavement

Patullo Bridge, Surrey-New West – Congestion

Harris Road, Saturna Island – Damaged pavement

Silver Star Road, Vernon – Damaged pavement

Pacific Rim Highway, Vancouver Island – Damaged pavement

Hope Princeton Highway, Southern B.C. – Damaged pavement

Westside Road, Falkland – Damaged pavement

Coalmont Road, Princeton – Damaged pavement

George Massey Tunnel, Richmond – Congestion

Iron Workers Memorial Bridge, Vancouver-North Vancouver – Poor/no bike paths

Trans-Canada Highway, Revelstoke – Damaged pavement

North Nechako Road, Prince George – Congestion

Daly Road, Surrey – Damaged pavement

Oak Street Bridge, Vancouver-Richmond – Damaged pavement

West Coast Road, Shirley – Damaged pavement

Domano Blvd., Prince George – Damaged pavement

Westside Road, Kelowna-Vernon – Damaged pavement

Bamfield Road, Port Alberni – Damaged pavement

Balfour-Kaslo-Galena Bay Highway, West Kootenay – Poor/no bike paths

“It’s important to understand that this campaign is not intended as a statement about the condition of roads generally in B.C., as there is a tremendous amount of roadwork underway at both the provincial and municipal levels,” Condon said. “Instead, what the Worst Roads campaign does is enable drivers to highlight roads that may have been overlooked, or to remind governments that our infrastructure is aging, and certain roads and bridges no longer meet today’s safety standards or traffic volumes.”

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