Burnaby, British Columbia – Drivers enjoying lighter summer traffic should prepare for it to come to an abrupt end this week, as summer gives way to the return of school and work, but the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) said there are ways to reduce time lost to congestion.

According to BC Stats, 79 per cent of all work trips in B.C. are made in cars, with the average home-to-work commute at 6.5 kilometres. Statistics Canada said that drivers in the Vancouver region face an average 67-minute round-trip commute to and from work.

For those who cannot leave their cars at home, BCAA offers the following tips:

– Know before you go, paying close attention to traffic reports before leaving the home or office. You may be able to choose a less-congested route based on the road reports.

– Identify alternative routes. The shortest distance between two points may not always be a straight line. Try mapping out an alternative route, which may be less congested even if it looks longer on paper.

– Vary your commuting schedule, and talk to your employer about adopting more flexible work hours. If at all possible, work from home.

– Use public transit, ride a bike, walk to work, or share a ride. Check out Jack Bell Ride-Share to find your perfect carpool partner.

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