London, England – Porsche Cars Great Britain has stated its intent to apply for judicial review of the proposed increases in London’s congestion charge, according to a report by the Green Car Congress. The proposed increase, scheduled to be implemented in October 2008, will result in drivers of the highest greenhouse gas-emitting cars (Band G) paying �25 per day, up from �8 per day.Porsche said that the proposed increase in the congestion charge for Band G cars is disproportionate, and that it will not reduce emissions in central London. All but two of the 56 models Porsche sells in the U.K. are in Band G. The automaker said that it would issue a written complaint to the Mayor this week and if he fails to respond in 14 days or refuses to reconsider the plan, Porsche intends to submit its application for judicial review.

An official release from the Mayor’s office said that “Porsche’s threatened legal action is a double attack on Londoners. First Porsche are trying to deprive Londoners of their democratic right to decide in the Mayoral election on 1 May whether they want gas guzzling and polluting cars to drive in London when there is absolutely no need for them to do so. Second they are trying to impose on all Londoners unnecessary levels of pollution and greenhouse gases by a tiny minority. No one is allowed to throw their rubbish in the street and Porsche should not be allowed to impose gas guzzling polluting cars on Londoners who do not want them.”

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