After the controversy over the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it looks like Porsche’s newest crossover refuses to pass similar test

Sweden’s Teknikens Värld is famous around the automotive industry for what they call “the elk test”. It’s a maneuver that simulates the reaction of a driver to an on-road obstacle, typically a moose or elk, and the vehicle’s ability to stay under control while swerving and returning to the original lane.

It seems this year the test has claimed another victim – the Porsche Macan – due to its inability to return back to the original lane due to a tire lockup.

Unlike the last controversial test that saw the Jeep Grand Cherokee almost flip over, the Porsche Macan’s Active Rollover Prevention system seems to be the culprit. Instead of allowing the Porsche to return to the lane, the ARP system instead forces understeer by braking the outside front wheel to mitigate a roll over.

Porsche says while the Macan may fail the very narrow focus of the test, the video does show a safe trajectory.

“As the video shows, lane changing can be completed stably and safely. What is more critical in this situation is if the vehicle were to roll over or the rear were to break away. The vehicle demonstrated none of these instable states (rollover, oversteer, wheel lift) at any time,” Porsche said in a statement.

Porsche Macan Moose Test Screenshot

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