September 15, 2004

Porsche Cayenne to offer 500 horsepower

Atlanta, Georgia – Porsche AG is expanding its Cayenne customization program to
include increased horsepower for the Cayenne Turbo, an automatically extending
rearview camera on all three Cayenne models, and new Panorama roof system that is
approximately four times larger than the standard Cayenne tilt-and-slide sunroof.

Beginning in December 2004, Porsche will offer increased horsepower for the
Cayenne Turbo through its Tequipment program. The upgrade includes increasing
the engine performance from 450 to 500 horsepower, a reinforced brake system
and an adapted suspension system requiring 19-inch or larger wheels. Thus
equipped, the Cayenne Turbo can reach a top test-track speed of 167 mph, and a 0 to
60 mph time of 4.9 seconds (Cayenne Turbo with 450 horsepower: 5.2 seconds). Fuel
consumption, as with the 450 horsepower Cayenne Turbo, remains unchanged at U.S.13
mpg city/18 mpg highway.

Porsche achieved the 50 extra horsepower by optimizing the flow design of the
intercooler and other engine management developments. In conjunction with
changed accelerator pedal characteristics, this results in an optimized torque
build-up and even sportier engine characteristics. The maximum torque has
increased from 460 to 515 pounds-feet, and maximum torque is available between
2,250 and 4,750 rpm.

The front brake system has a new aluminum six-piston monobloc disc-brake
calliper with a brake pad area that is more than 12 percent larger than the
standard Cayenne Turbo front brake system. Porsche engineers also optimized
the brake ventilation. The rear brakes discs have also been enlarged to 14.1-
inches/358 mm (series production: 13 inches/330 mm).

The Cayenne Turbo with the Tequipment upgrade is available for a U.S. MSRP of
$109,200. A retrofit package is available through Tequipment for $18,500 plus
installation at an authorized Porsche dealer.

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