November 17, 2004

Porsche Carrera GT receives Engineering Excellence Award

Atlanta, Georgia – Its carbon fiber engine frame and ceramic
matrix composite clutch plate, a world’s first in a production car, earned the
Porsche Carrera GT the new Engineering Excellence Award during the 34th Annual
Innovation Awards Program of the Automotive Division of the Society of Plastic
Engineers (SPE). Every year this program recognizes and communicates technical
accomplishments in all phases of new automotive plastics and plastic-based
composite applications.

Porsche Carrera GT receives Engineering Excellence Award
Paul Ritchie, CEO of Porsche Engineering Services (right) congratulates Michael Hoelscher, team leader of the Carrera GT project with Porsche AG in Stuttgart, Germany. Porsche Engineering Service, Inc. is the Detroit-based, North American branch of Porsche Engineering Group. Click image to enlarge

Traditionally, the award winners are selected from the large number of
entries in eight different vehicle-segment categories from body exterior
through environmental to process technologies. This year, because of the bold
application of new materials and the outstanding engineering expertise
demonstrated in this genuine super sports car, the panel of blue-ribbon
judges, comprised of automotive and plastic industry experts and analysts,
awarded an Engineering Excellence Award for the first time. The carbon fiber
monocoque and engine frame design, together with the Porsche Ceramic Composite
Clutch, “Demonstrate the tremendous future that exists for the continued
growth of plastics, not only in high performance cars, but throughout the
entire automotive industry,” noted the organizers during the award ceremony.

The Porsche Carrera GT is a limited-edition high performance sports car
with the DNA of a racecar. An extremely low weight and over 600 hp from a V10-
cylinder engine propel the car from 0 to 60 mph in well under four seconds and
allow a track top speed of more than 200 mph. Only a total of 1,500 units will
be built over a period of four years, with nearly half earmarked for the North
American market. In the U.S. the Carrera GT has an MSRP of $440,000 plus
destination charge.

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