June 20, 2006

Porsche Boxster models to feature new, more powerful engines

Atlanta, Georgia – Porsche has announced that the 2007 Boxster and Boxster S models will receive new engines with more power and torque, as well as updated versions of the optional Tiptronic S automatic transmission, and additional functions of the optional Sport Chrono package.

The 2007 Boxster engines are equipped with Porsche’s VarioCam Plus, which provides both variable intake valve timing and lift control. The Boxster S has been enlarged from a 3.2-litre engine to a 3.4-litre, and develops 295 hp and 251 lb-ft of torque, 15 more horsepower and 15 more lb-ft than its predecessor. Its zero to 96 km/h time is now 5.1 seconds, a tenth of a second quicker, with a top test-track speed of 272 km/h.

The 2.7-litre Boxster has risen by five horsepower to 245 hp, and with torque increased from 199 to 201 lb-ft and peaking 100 rpm earlier, with a broad torque plateau from 4600 to 6000 rpm. With a standard five-speed manual transmission, the Boxster reaches zero to 96 km/h in 6.1 seconds, with a top test-track speed of 258 km/h.

For 2007, both models can be optioned with the revised Tiptronic S transmission, featuring new hydraulics and electronics to improve responsiveness and provide variable shift programs. The Boxster also receives a tire pressure monitoring system as standard equipment, and both can be ordered with 19-inch forged alloy wheels developed for the new 911 Turbo.

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